Focus on tennis. Leave boring stuff to software.

What other tennis directors told us

My club is suffering from significant loss of revenue from no-shows, because my members are not billed immediately after completing their online court booking for a lesson, an event, or a social tennis game.

There are way too many steps required to complete one task. E.g. booking a court, booking a pro, informing a pro about the lesson and paying the lesson bill are each done as a separate step, which sometimes lead to confusion and makes it more difficult to track.

Me and my team use multiple systems to keep information about schedules and club activities. That requires us to enter the same info multiple times. Not only it takes more of our time, but often we find inconsistent data.

Let's solve it using modern technology

Nowadays, we all carry these powerful mini-computers in our pockets. How about we put them in use, so everyone spends less time doing non-productive tasks, and more time hitting that yellow ball?

Everyone loves simplicity. Whether you're a tennis director looking for a club activity report, a teaching pro who wants to be on top of their schedule, or a member who wants to reserve a court at any time, you want to do it in a fast and simple way, preferrably from your smartphone.

Sounds great! Can I see how it works?

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